Chocolate F/X 25 Days of X-mas

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This 25 piece box will come with 3 bon bons of 8 different flavors plus 1 very special bon bon for your morning on the 25th day! 

Eat 1 each day, or all at once... We don't judge!


*flavors subject to change- all will be notified.

3- Tiramisu (Mascarpone ganache layered with Coffee crisp layer)

3- Pistachio Duja layered with Mandarin marshmallow creme

3- Piña Colada (Pineapple Coconut rum ganache)

3- Almond Rocher

3- Strawberry Balsamic 

3- Apple Cider Caramel layered with shortbread

3- Mexican Hot Chocolate (cayenne & cinnamon infused ganache with vanilla bean marshmallow)

3- Hazelnut Praliné 

1- Pepperminty Disco bon bon!