CRAPPY BUNNY 6" Flop Eared Bunny

Regular price $5.00

Sometimes hand made items just come out well... not how you expected... Maybe there's an air bubble that takes a face or an ear off, or some cocoa butter that didn't temper correctly, or a bunnies head just falls clean off... If you are like me and don't really care how your chocolate looks, just as long as it tastes good and is in your mouth, then these are the pieces for you!! Add on to your existing order by selecting free delivery. Otherwise, please note that shipping is $15.75. even for an ugly bunny. 
Your choice of:
Milk chocolate- Peanut Butter
Dark Chocolate- crisp wafer bits
White Chocolate- Cookies n' Cream
Shipping cost has been increased slightly due to raised prices of Priority mail and thermal protection packaging.
Please, choose this option if you are in a 3-4 mile radius of Five Points in EAST NASHVILLE ONLY. I sincerely apologize, but some deliveries last time were quite far.